Each year, the Burwen Education Foundation (BEF) makes a substantial scholarship award to one student from the AVID class at Mountain View High School. The BEF expects that this considerable investment of money and intensive mentoring will allow these students to graduate from college debt-free and reach their highest potential professionally and personally so that they can make a large impact in the community.

Founded in 2002, the BEF has now seen its first six scholars graduate from colleges including UC Berkeley, UCLA, UC Santa Cruz, UC San Diego, and Santa Clara University, and all have either continued their education after college and/or begun making a difference in their communities and professions.

Additionally, the BEF typically provides 8-10 honorable mention scholarships to recognize other high-achieving AVID students and supports the Principal’s Distinguished Student Award and other initiatives at Mountain View High School that encourage academic success.

Finally, the BEF has also done some work in Nepal, building a school and power plant in the town of Soloban.